Position: Head of Department, Agric

Education & Career:

  • BSc Agriculture Technology
  • Thirteen (13) years of experience in Food and Agriculture management

He is directly responsible for all Agric Policy Implementation, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of all
Agricultural related activities in the assembly Committees: N/A

Committees: N/A


Due to near unavailability of farming land in the main Accra and for that matter ONMA, the Department seeks to introduce potential farmers to Peri-Urban Agriculture.


  • Backyard farming – backyard vegetable production, backyard maize production, backyard poultry production,
    backyard rabbit production, backyard livestock production etc.
    The Department is the main liaison between the Regional Department of Agriculture and potential farmers in ONMA in introducing Government’s Flagship Agricultural Programme:
    Thus “Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) and Rearing for Food and Jobs (RFJ)”.
  • Under the PFJ potential farmers are registered by the Department in order to benefit from subsidized
    inputs/planting materials and subsidized fertilizer.
    Under the RFJ farmers are given breeding stock of Cockerel which will be collected after six months.
    The Department also links farmers to client support services such as Veterinary Services, Input Dealers,
    Fertilizer Distribution outlets, etc.
    We also help farmers prepare compost from household materials