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Breast Cancer Screening, Prostate Specific Antigen Test for O.N.M.A Staff

Staff of Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region have undergone screening for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and breast cancers.
The staff also used the occasion to check their blood pressure and Body Mass Indexes.
Madam Joana Odei, a Public Health Nurse at the Okaikwei North Municipality cautioned the staff against lifestyles that serve as fertile grounds for diseases.
“Now it is the order of the day, if you don’t have many friends then you are not a frequent drunkard. This is because when you take alcohol then you can hang out with friends, but this life style has its advantages and disadvantages” adding that “just a glass of alcohol a day is not good for your health.”
Madam Odei stated that the earlier way of detecting cancers is through screening.
“Again, when we talk about aging, it is very important especially for the women above forty years, you must do mammogram screening every year we will also teach you self-breast examination every month.”
The Okaikwei North Public Health Nurse indicated that research have proven that one out of six men is likely to get prostrate with about the same number for women stressing that “Research has also shown that blacks are more likely to get prostate and breast cancer than the white race.”
Madam Odei explained that the preventive measures are early screening and healthy eating habits.
Madam Sefia Salifu explained that the screening was necessary for the staff especially when the month of October was a breast cancer month.
She said it was important for the staff to also know their status and be convinced about their health.
Madam Sefia emphasized that a healthy staff base has a direct connection to the output of the staff of the Assembly.

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