Development & Building Permit

Development and Building permitting is the main instrument for controlling or managing physical development. Development permit in this context refers to permits issued in relation to planning and building applications Effective development management promotes orderliness, convenience of movement, public safety and enhanced economic development.
Development Permitting deals with the correct use the land, the appearance of the proposed building and the effect that the development will have on the general environment and neighbouring properties.
A development permit is a written permission authorizing a person to carry out development in accordance with conditions specified in the permit. Such development permit shall give due considerations to matters relating to zoning, planning standards and structural conditions of the proposed development.
A Building Permit allows construction of buildings or structure to proceed on condition of compliance to building code.
A Building Permit deals with the manner in which a building is constructed, eg its structural stability, fire resistance, weather resistance, etc.

Statutory requirements for a Development/Building permit

  1. Submit your full set of application to the Physical Planning Department
  2. Attach completed  land ownership  document from Lands Commission
  3. Attach four copies of architectural drawings signed by a certified Architect
  4. Attach four copies of structural drawings signed by an Engineer
  5. Proposed development must conform to zoning status
  6. A certified soil test report
  7. Fire certified report including drawings from the Ghana National Fire Service
  8. Environmental Protection Agency Permit
  9. Structural integrity report in case construction development has already commenced or is completed

In addition to the statutory requirements above, in ONMA the following requirements also apply;

  1. Business Registration Certificate (for organizations).
  2. Business Operating Permit (for organizations).
  3. Up to date Property Rate payment (Existing Buildings)


For Organisations: A developer may be asked to provide additional information depending on usage, size, etc.

For Existing Buildings: Some Development Projects require a prior application for “Planning Permission –in- Principle” before application for a substantive Development /Building permit.

Requirements Checklist

  1. Building Permit Application Form -one(1) copy
  2. Title Search one(1) copy
  3. Indenture or Deed of assignment or Land Title Certificate one(1) Copy         
  4. Architectural Drawing four(4) copies
  5. Structural Drawings four(4) copies)                    
  6. Structural Calculation Repor four(4) copies)        
  7. Fire Report three(3) copies 
  8. Mechanical or Services Drawing four(4) copies
  9. Geotechnical Report Structural Integrity Report three (3) copies          
  10. Environmental Permit one(1) copy         
  11. Traffic Impact Assessment (T.I.A) (three (3) bound copies)
  12. Hydrological Services Report (if requested) (three (3) bound copies)       
  13. Property Rate