God’s Grace School Tops Okaikwei North NCCE Contest

God’s Grace International School has won the 2022 Okaikwei North Municipality Smart Governance Quiz Contest.

The day’s inter-school quiz, organised by the Municipality’s National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) was participated by four Schools.They are God’s Grace International School, Blessed Assurance International School, Good News International School and Answa Rudeen Islamic School.God’s Grace International maintained its lead from the first round through to the third edging out its stiff competitor, Good News International School to be the winner of the quiz in the Municipality.Answa Rudeen Islamic School and the Blessed Assurance International School exited the contest after the second round.The participants were quizzed on their knowledge of current affairs, the 1992 Constitution and the Local Government system.Mr. Bright Larbi Ayim, the Quiz Master while outlining the rules of the contest stated that the quiz was not about who emerges winner but rather for the students to be abreast with the Constitution of the country.

He said the contest is essentially about imparting knowledge and that the contestants must not be intimated.Earlier, Mrs. Vivienne Achel, the Municipal Director of NCCE in an address said NCCE since its establishment has played a pivotal role in deepening and sustaining the democratic credentials of the country.She said “the quiz is not intended to shame or embarrass anyone but to make sure everyone is on the same page. The competition doesn’t end at the Municipal level, it transcends from the Municipal to the Zonal, Regional and to the National level”.

The Winner and the other participants were given certification of participation, bottles of water, packs of drinks, boxes of omega chocolate drinks and boxes of pizza.

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