Position: Head of Department, Information / Public Relations Unit

Education & Career:N/A

Duty: Tasked with disseminating government policies and programs to residents within the municipality.

Committees: N/A


The department:

  • Is responsible for sensitizing the public on the assembly’s activities (e.g. Health screening, revenue mobilization, town hall meeting).
  • Creates a mechanism of communication between the municipal assembly and its residents and other stakeholders both internally and externally.
  • Monitors media coverage of the activities of the assembly in the media for the attention and information of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) and the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD) as well as write press releases, features, news stories and rejoinders for distribution to various media channels.
  • Compiles and submit public reaction reports and situational reports within the assembly to the Greater Accra Regional Information Office and the Information Services Department Head Office.

Prepares monthly reports and daily reports on activities of the assembly for onward submission to the Greater Accra Regional Information Office.