The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development of Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly has trained over 120 women and men in how to prepare local drinks The training will equip them so that they will not sit at home idle. The training will further enhance their livelihood by bringing money to them. It will also serve as employment to majority of them.

Mrs. Mary kafari unit head for Social welfare and Community Development explained in an interview: “I expect that whatever training we are giving them they will make good use of the training, I hope they will teach other colleagues how to prepare these drinks”. At the mean time we only train them, we don’t give money, and we make sure we train them in skill that require small capital to start with.   They are being train in how to prepare ‘Soblo and Lumogee’, I think whenever you want to prepare these drinks you don’t need plenty money. According to Mrs. Kafari: ‘’ we expect them to sell the drinks and at least get some profit. They are not require to have huge capital before they can prepare the drinks. When we get to where we can support them with money we will train them in skill that require huge capitals”. For now because we don’t support them with capital, we train them in small skills which they can easily find capital to do.

Our main aim is to train them so that they will produce the drinks, sell and get profit to sustain them in their lives. We also expects them to train people who are interested in their communities so that they will also learn. The issue here is that most times people pay for the training but we are training them for free without any charges. Before the training we also discussed child protection, we focused on the laws and what they should do to protect children. We discussed in detailed child labour, especially the hardship some parents and caretakers subject children into. Mrs. Kafari added

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