Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly (ONMA) together with Dreamland Sports Plus organized sports competition to celebrate Homowo Festival in the constituencies.

The three constituencies made up of the North, South and Central Okaikwei came together to promote unity and peace through sports.

These constituencies celebrated their maiden Homowo Festival with sports competition titled “WHO RULES OKAIKWEI Sports Festival 2019?”

The idea was to bring the people in the constituencies together to celebrate the festival.

The venue for the celebration of the Homowo festival was at the Kaneshie Bishop Park. This sports activity took  place on the 10th and 11th of August 2019.

Dreamland Sports Plus was the main organizer of the competition.

Sixteen teams participated from the three constituencies for the soccer and “Ampe” competition.

Speaking at the occasion, the Presiding Member of ONMA, Hon. Abdullah Nii Odai said: “We appreciate all the sports activities going on. This is not going to end here, we are going to send this across other Assemblies.”

The Personal Assistant to the Municipal Chief Executive of ONMA, Mr. Rexford Frimpong stated that: “I think we all have to applaud ourselves for such a memorable activity today, it’s really great.”

He continued that: “The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Boye Laryea wanted to be here himself as we lay the foundation for something great to come, but he couldn’t due to other official assignments. As a people, it is important we take time to celebrate ourselves together and sports is one of the best opportunities that we have.”

Mr. Frimpong said: “The MCE was very impressed and extremely happy because you took some time off to do some clean up exercise. Since cleanliness is next to godliness, Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly (ONMA), does not joke with sanitation issues at all.”

Mr. Rexford Frimpong further explained that: “we were very happy when we discovered that, you made it part of the program to clean the neighbourhood before the commencement of the competition, we appreciated that.”

He again stressed that: “Come next year, as Presiding Member had said, we will have it on a larger scale so we have to invite our colleagues in the same trade. We have to invite others in the same fraternity and localities to have a bigger family, learn from each other, make friends and also keep fit. So, as we are training, preparing for these exercises, it is also to strengthen us and keeps us fit.”

From the competing grounds, sixteen teams were invited to participate in the first edition of “WHO RULES OKAIKWEI Sport Festival 2019?”

At the end of the competition, the following are the positions and various prizes given out:

*3rd Place – Grace FC received Bronze medals and some products from sponsors.

*2nd Place – Grace FC received silver medals and some products from sponsors

*1st Place – Kaneshie No. 1 Youth  received a trophy, gold medals and some products from sponsors

*Fair play team went to Grace FC.

*Most promising star – Peter Mifetu No. 8 player from Grace FC also received products from a sponsor.

*Best player went to Stephen Ofori from the Kaneshie No. 1 Youth. He received the Golden boot and products from the sponsors.

*Best Goalkeeper was Shadrack Walker from Game Boys.

*Best coach was Ramzy from Game Boys.

For ”AMPE”, Roji 1 placed 1st, Empress “O” Babies placed 2nd. The 3rd and 4th placement went to Patty Looks and New Looks respectively. In all, Eight teams participated in the “Ampe” Competition.

Mr. Frimpong in his closing remarks thanked the organizers and the participated teams for such a wonderful program.


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