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Okaikwei North Staff Educated on Multidimensional Poverty

The Statistics Department of Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly (ONMM) has organized a day’s workshop to explain the level of poverty in the Municipality to staffs.
The Okaikwei North Municipality is the 31st out of the 261 districts in terms of the percentage of the population living in multidimensional poor households.
The Municipality also emerged as the most deprived in the areas of improved toilets facilities (67.67%); Lack of health insurance coverage (54.8%), and overcrowding (32.9%).
The dimensions which are in phases targeted the living standards, health, education and employment.
Speaking at the workshop. Mr. Joel Dery, the Municipal Statistician for Okaikwei North disclosed that the dimensions also looked at poor health, malnutrition, clean water, electricity and standard of wealth for the working class and some living standards indicators for the poverty index.
He said that the indicators are about the policies driving the country, the living condition was measured from the Ministry of Energy’s Medium Term Framework from 2020 – 2025.
The justification also includes education, with emphasis on improved equitable access to and participation in inclusive quality at all levels by the education strategic plan of 2018 – 2030
Health policy will ensure healthy lives for all (2020)- work towards achievement of healthy lives for all people living in Ghana through an enabling policy frame work that recognizes, empowers and brings together, in a coordinated manner, all stakeholders. (health sector medium term development plan(HSMTDP) 2022-2025.
He added that employment, Ghana’s Medium Term National Development Policy Framework(MTNDPF)2022 – 2025 seeks to build a prosperous country and create opportunities for all Ghanaians.
In Okaikwei North 11.1 percent of the population live in multidimensional poverty and the average intensity of poverty is 42.4percent. this means that in Okaikwei north municipal the Multidimensional Poverty index is estimated to be 0.047.



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