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ONMA First Coordinator Bows Out

The first Municipal Coordinator of the Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly, (ONMA) Mr. Samuel Amoah has bid Farewell to the Assembly.

Mr. Amoah leaves ONMA after three years of dedicated service to the Assembly in many facets.

Mr. Amoah, affectionately called “Cordee“ is credited with the beginning, formation and establishment of all the structures making up the Assembly.

“Cordee” is heading to the Ablekuma West Municipal Assembly as its Coordinator.

Mr. Amoah brings to his new job his vast experience as Coordinator of ONMA.

In a send-off ceremony to officially part ways with Mr. Amoah, the Municipal Chief Executive, Boye Laryea was full of praise for his former colleague.

Tracing the history of the formation of the Assembly, he indicates that the history of the Assembly cannot be complete without the enormous contribution of “Cordee”.

Mr. Laryea recalled how Mr. Amoah worked tirelessly to secure the facility for the current location of the Assembly adding that Cordee is a “good person.”

The ONMA MCE stated that Mr. Amoah made working between them simple because of the good rapport between them.

Mr. Laryea said he wished Mr Amoah could stay longer with the Assembly but per the rules governing the Civil Service, staff can be transferred at any time as his has come and there is nothing he could do about it.

The ONMA MCE took the opportunity to wish him well in all his endeavours.

For his part, Mr. Amoah said the formation of the Assembly was not an easy task.

He said with determination and teamwork the Assembly is currently the envy of many.

Mr. Amoah indicated that he could not have established the Assembly without the support of the various Heads of Departments and Units.

“Cordee ”while urging colleagues he might have offended in exercise of his official duties to forgive him indicated that the people he is leaving must give more support for his replacement.

Mr. Amoah believes he offended people in line of duty due to his adherence to the rules and regulations governing the Civil Service work.

“Am pleading with you, as I leave, my colleague who is coming, I expect that you give him even more support than you have given me so that Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly will always be in the limelight’

Mr. Laryea presented a citation to Mr. Amoah in recognition of his unparalleled service to the Assembly.

It read in part: “Your tenacity and highly committed spirit and dedication in the creation of the Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly is testament to the aforementioned values. Very importantly, it is unprecedented and shall remain indelible and not forgotten in the history of the Local Government sector in the Fourth republic of Ghana”.

Present at the ceremony were police officers, heads of departments and staff of the Assembly.

Source:onmaonline. com

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