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ONMA Organises 2-Day Capacity Building For Staff

The Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly (ONMA) has ended a two-day capacity building for staff to enhance team work and conflict management at their various offices.

The aim of the training is to bring harmony and increase productivity in the Municipal Assembly.

In his remarks, the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD) Mr. Francis Asiedu told the staff that: “team building is key and you have to work as a team. I am happy the facilitator is here today to take you through an important topic, “conflict management”, there is always conflict, and it is part of our work and system”.

The MCD explained that, “conflict exists at various levels in the Municipality, you can have conflict among even staffs, even you, you can have small conflicts, we also have managerial roles which sometimes when you go to the board room leaders show authoritarian rules”.

Mr. Asiedu highlighted to the staff: “Any time you see such authoritarian rule then you know something has really fallen at the management level and it is normal. We should always accept the fact that everywhere that we are, whatever we do we will encounter one conflicts to another one”.

Mr. Asiedu said: “At various levels of our work, as to whether we should do this or that alone creates conflict on decision making. We have our own inter personal conflicts, right from our homes between our husbands and the wives and there can be conflicts. The difference is the way they handle it. That is the difference, because both were brought up differently”.

“When you come to the office levels, you will see conflict all over, so we have to manage conflict, the way we address and handle the conflict shows who we are and then our level of maturity” the MCD Added.

Honorable Boye Laryea , the Municipal Chief Executive(MCE) said, the staff have been taken through.

He said team building and team work was necessary because “we all coming from different backgrounds, we all hold different positions but if we do not come together as a team there is no way we will succeed”.

Mr. Laryea noted that the topics are very important and urged the staff to take it seriously and work towards achieving the goals of the programme.


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