The Cultural and Tourism Department of the Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly (ONMA) has organized story telling for some basic schools in the municipality.

According to the cultural and tourism department, storytelling will give students the opportunity to gain knowledge, understand some local languages and cultural differences in Ghana.

The programme was on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at the Fadama Cluster of Schools.

The Cultural and Tourism Department together with the National Commission for Civic Education and Information Services Department educated the students in all forms of stories.

Ms. Georgina Akambasi, the Municipal Director of the Cultural and Tourism Department for Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity given to the students. She explained to the students the importance to learn, understand and speak other languages apart from their main local dialects.

In her remarks, she said, English language is the only internationally accepted language spoken and understood by everybody, but the local language is not just a spoken language but contains our cultural identity.

Ms. Akambasi urged the pupils to do well to learn other languages other than their own local dialects. She used herself as an example by saying, although she hails from the Northern Part of the Country and has Kassena – Nakaana as her local language, she can also speak Asante Twi.

The students were taking through two stories from a Ga book titled “nileegb3” which means “The path of knowledge”, the first story was about a girl called “Dede”.

Some of the students, including Samiratu Oforiwaa, Moses Nii Abbey and Albert Adams were chosen randomly to read other stories from the book which they did incredibly well.

Ms. Georgina Akambasi added that, she is expecting the students to write stories about how they will spend the coming holidays so that they will gain experience in story writing.

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