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ONMA organizes storytelling for Achimota Basic “2” School

The Culture and Tourism Unit of Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly (ONMA) has organize story telling programme for the learners of Achimota School.
The story telling programme was held at the premises of Achimota Basic 2 School on the 16 August, 2023.
Ms. Georgina Akambasi, Head of Culture and Tourism Unit in Okaikwei North Municipality told the children that the meeting will enlighten them about the importance of our culture and languages which are in the form of storytelling.
She explained that, it will also give the children in-depth understanding of stories in Ghanaian languages as compare to the English stories.
She said when you travelling outside Africa to the western countries most of them use their own dialect in all forms of studies in their country.
Ms. Akambasi stated that, “from kindergarten to the universities most western books are written in their languages”.
We must also appreciate our languages, majority of our subjects must also be thought in our local languages. This, she said will make reading and understanding of subjects very easy for our children.
Children were selected from various “GA” classes which include Junior High 2, Junior High 1, class 5, class 6 and class two respectively.
The story was written in one of the Ghanaian languages, GA” learners read and discussed stories from “Nilee gbe” from primary level to JHS level.
Ms. Akambasi was very glad for a successful story telling programme and advised the students to read more stories published in Ghanaian native languages. She also promised the children that as time goes on she will come back and have more story lessons with them.
Present for the class include, Head Master of Achimota basic 2” School, staff of the school and staff from Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly.


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