The Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly’s task force arrested seven people for open defecation at Apenkwa, Achimota.

The seven people namely, Isaac Sauteng 30, Yaw Bediako 55, Nana Kwabena 40, Belia Suleiman 32, Michael Appiane 31, Karim Amidu 27 and William Ajjan 18 were all busted on Saturday, the 1st of June, 2019 for defecating on the Shiayennoh school compound.

The seven people were sent to the Tesano Police Station at that very night and were released on Monday after clearing the heaped refuse dump in the Shiayennoh School.

The Prosecutor for the Assembly, Madam Delight said: “They were nine in numbers but two of them were released upon interrogation and finding out that, they were defraud off by someone and lodged in the building that night but was quite unfortunate to have fallen into the Assembly’s grip.

In an interview with the Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly’s Chief Executive, Hon. Boye Laryea noted: “These people normally go to the place to litter, smoke, have sex and defecate discriminately on the Shiayennoh school compound after the school have closed.

“But thanks to our abled task force who caught seven of them as at that night.” He continued to say that, the people were supposed to have been sent to court but he decided to make them clean up their mess on the school compound and also to make the student hoot at them to serve as a deterrent to others who also go there to smoke and for other social vices.

According to Mrs. Ursula Tawiah, the Shiayennoh Primary School’s mistress: “There is a semi slum around the school and the people who live around usually come into the school after they have close to dump, defecate and do all sorts of things in the compound which takes much more time for the students to clear before classes start. She continued to say that, the people even sleep in the school with their girlfriends and get their desk at times destroyed.”

She therefore pleaded with the Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly and those in authority to come to their aid by fencing the school to prevent those who intrudes into the schools compound to dump refuse and defecate on their compound and also provide the school with dust bins and also empty it when it is full.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr.  Boye Laryea added that: “He has head their plea and will include it in the Assembly’s budget and will also make sure that, those people who also go there to defecate and dump refuse on the premises are brought to books by working together with the Assembly’s task force and the police to go and inspect the place frequently.”


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