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Your Lackadaisical Attitude Towards Work Must Stop! – Boye Laryea

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly Honourable Boye Laryea has told staff of the Assembly that they must make sure they come to work early, work hard so that their effort will be appreciated by all.

He was speaking at a staff durbar organized by the Municipal Assembly at the headquarters of the AssemblyMr. Laryea told the staff: “we are pleading with you, whatever you are doing people are watching, they monitor every step, every move we make as staff and workers of Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly.”

Please the complains keep on coming, bad attitude towards work: “the lateness, the insubordinations the issues that we spoke about are still pertaining”, honorable Laryea insisted.

The ONMA MCE however, pleaded with the staff to stop these attitudes adding “you have a new director, please once again am pleading with you, the radar is on every one”.

” As we speak the districts Bureau of National Investigation has each head of department report, am just trying to tell you what is happening, very soon some of the things will be made known to you and you be shocked” Hon. Laryea disclosed.

The Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD) Mr. Francis Kwaku Asiedu explained , the MCE has touched on punctuality , I will also say, we should all do well and remember to submit our various reports right on time, quarterly report , mid-year report and annually report must be submitted on time.“

We must not wait for that long before we submit our reports, at times one month after, reports are not ready, and that is bad”.

Mr. Asiedu maintained :”When you go to the finance office for money to work on projects, as soon as you get the money you relax, you will not provide any receipt, no reports , no documentation to prove what you took , I beg you government work is not done like that”.

As for government work when you take money you must bring documents to show what you used the money for and you all know that.

As for government work you must do things right, every document must come fast and accurate so that when the auditors come to inspects our documents no one will be found wanting , no names will be mentioned to the auditors .MCD Added.

No one should tell me he or she can’t find documents, minutes documentation which must be attached to receipt, this simple thing staff will not do it, we don’t like it that way.

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