The Okaikwei North Municipality, like many other municipalities plays host to a wide variety of business ventures and entities.

With its major business concentration in Lapaz, and Achimota, people engage in all kinds and shades of businesses as their means of livelihood.

There are instances where people live outside the municipality but attend to their work on a daily basis in the municipality.

As a municipality with the second largest population size, according to local government administration dynamics, there is a commonality to the kinds of businesses seen in such places including numerous corporate institutions, enterprises, agencies, markets,schools, shops, stores, individual commercial ventures, petty trading, commercial transport ventures, vehicular businesses/sales among other businesses.

The forgoing list of businesses cannot be exhaustive in view of the extremely wide array of businesses featured in the municipality in the scheme of things.

One cannot put a finger on businesses peculiar to the area in view of the wide scope of businesses finding space to operate in its congenial environment.

It must, however be established that the Municipal Assembly continues to promote and boost businesses through sound management practices and implementation of efficient regulatory regimes.

The municipality remains one of the fertile grounds to engage in all kinds of businesses in view of the sound business environment coupled with brisk movement of people from all walks of life on a daily basis.

The Assembly, continues to urge its business operators and constituents to honor their tax obligations religiously to enhance development programs.


Onma has number of  banks available.  

Car Rentals

There are numbers of car rental companies at lapaz


There are small to medium office within the municipality


There numbers of hotels within the municipality. 

Are you paying your property tax