Remarkable gains continue to be made in the area under review following these activities by the Municipal Health Directorate in the first quarter: 
Health Promotion Activities
conducted health sensitization and education on Covid-19 in schools, mosques, churches and market places.
Schools- 25
Churches- 24
Mosque- 9
Market- 5
Transport Terminal- 6
conducted a survey on wearing of face masks in all areas visited. The practice of wearing of nose masks was prevalent at the churches and poor at the market centres.

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TB/HIV Activities

*conducted launch of World TB day and carried sensitization and screening activities.
* conducted TB/ HIV monitoring to DOT centre and ART units in the municipality.
* conducted home verification/home visits to all TB clients’ home and screened all contacts.
* 2,883 school children in the basic school were screened and ,88 children referred to health facilities on account of several conditions.
*At Achimota V Higher School, 624 were screened
* Mop up activity conducted in he municipality, 112 children were immunized, 273 given Vit.
A supplement and 36 given long lasting insecticide net. A total of 139 adolescents were given iron folic acid supplement.


The strength of the health staff of ONMA and  include :
*Dedicated and committed health staff ready and willing to work to achieve results
*Good collaboration with Partners- Ghana Education Service, ONMA  and Achimota Hospital.
*Good collaboration with private facilities
* Good collaboration and support from municipal hospital- Achimota Hospital
The municipality is likely to record a good health report with the sterling leadership of its staff who are ready to unearth and diagnose all ailments in the population now and in the foreseeable and distant future.
A few challenges faced by the municipal health is the need for funds to widen their scope of operation and the need for office space.