There are diverse communities in the Okaikoi North Municipality some of which are named after distinguished personalities who might have carved a niche for themselves in various fields of human endeavour through their noble deeds. Other names have emerged from peculiar scenarios or human situations and experiences which have been corrupted overtime. 
Some of the communities include Achimota, Abeka, Lapaz, Nii Boi Town, among others.
The name Achimota for example has its derivation from the Ga language meaning, “don’t mention anybody’s name here”. It was believed that the area was heavily forested and mentioning another person’s name in the forest exposes him to danger.
The area is a preferred choice for prospective residents seeking accommodation because of the relative ease to connect to other parts of the country 
More so, the area play host to two major terminals which offer transport services to other regions turning the place into a beehive of activity on a daily basis.
Though the perception is that the area is predominantly inhabited by the Ga community, it also has all kinds of ethnic groups living in the area.
The area could be seen with all kinds of businesses dotted along the roads including shops, stores and petty trading businesses justified by the brisk daily human activity in the area.